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Every day IMMarketNews scans the product launch market to find products that add real value to an online entrepreneur’s day-to-day business. Products that allow these enterpreneurs to work more ON their business rather than IN their business. (Providing Real Value) We diligently review products that provide real software solutions to allow you to work faster, better, and more efficiently so that you can grow your business and your earning potential.  From this daily routine, we have reviewed hundreds of product launches and covered many medium to large product launches on the Warrior+Plus and JVZoo platforms. We have mastered the game of the product launch by launching products ourselves and supporting other launches. A product launch is a highly intensive process, in which many parties must work together to ensure a successful launch. Launching a product requires discipline, planning, and action. When a product launch is carried out properly, the result can be high revenue generated in a relatively short period of time, allowing you to further develop your product and grow your business. In addition, the product launch also provides you with a unique way to attract traffic, leads and a large number of clients and testimonials. So if you want to :

  • fund your startup business with launch capital and do not want to give half of your ownership away to a Venture Capitalist or seed investor,
  • fund the next stage of your product development
  • Raise thousands of dollars
  • Obtain a high numbers of new leads and clients

Then consider doing a product launch. If you feel you are ready to do a launch, then don't hesitate to contact us!

Kimberly and Danny de Vries are product owners, internet marketers and have in-depth experience as senior executives in marketing, sales, project management, finance, and general management.

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